My Brain Skull

These migraines, y’all. Sigh. So far, I’ve lost two days each week in misery, unable to function because my brain skull feels like it’s about to crack open and a baby dragon is gonna crawl out. I called my doc earlier to ask if there’s another med we can try…she’s sending me to a neurologist. My Top 3 Predictions for what they’ll see when they look inside there are as follows:

  1. Doozers from Fraggle Rock building far more elaborate, modern sugar structures than they did back in the day
  2. Tiny Martin Short a la Inner Space trying to figure out how to get out of there, which involves intermittent welding on his busted 1980’s ship
  3. Empty space that’s full of billowing clouds of glitter, and one mother wolf spider with all her babies on her back

I’m really hoping it’s the Doozers. I’ve always loved those little dudes.


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