It’s D-Day! Today is the day I will start Mavyret. I’m supposed to take it with a meal, so in honor of this momentous occasion, I’m heating up a frozen pizza right meow. More on that later.

One of the unusual quirks about the specialist I’ve been going to is that they like to have all of their patients’ medication delivered to their in-house pharmacist to dispense so that they can provide counseling, education, and support. I’m assuming there are insurance companies that don’t have a problem with that, but my insurance company hasn’t played well with others throughout this experience.

They rejected five separate claims for Mavyret before my specialist was finally able to schedule a conference call to discuss the specific details of my medical history that were the impetus for his request that I be covered to take Mavyret instead of Epclusa. When doctors file an appeal after the insurance company rejects a claim, the insurance company hands the appeal over to a board certified MD to review. What that MD reviews is the boilerplate form that everyone fills out. It doesn’t have extra spaces for the requesting physician to write in the fine details that take me from being writing on a page to an actual human being. The system is a mess, y’all.

I digress. Insurance finally approved the medicine, but they weren’t giving in to the specialist’s whims. Oh no. In one last act of defiance, they called me and asked me what address they should use to ship the medication. LOL. Now, if my experiences with the specialist’s staff had been all roses and sugar, I probably would’ve had insurance send it to them. However, I was kind of feeling the whole defiance thing, so I went with it and had them send it to my house. I knew if I called the doctor’s office and said, “Yeah, hi…so I have this medicine here, should I just go ahead and take it?” that I’d get in for an appointment a WHOLE lot faster. Like, within two days. Good stuff.

A month or so back, the nurse had told me I needed a couple of vaccines, and that if I just called them the next time I was coming in for an appointment about 20 minutes ahead, they’d get the shots ready and just hit me on my way in or out, no big. So I called ahead as Hubs and I were on our way, and you’d have thought I had called to arrange for my personal helicopter to land on the roof and drop me off. And my helicopter was Air Force 2. And riding along with me for the day was Trump, live tweeting the whole scene. Like, what??? It’s two vaccine shots, homey, and y’all are the ones that told me to just phone it in 20 min ahead of time NBD. While I waited on hold for the nurse to check with a variety of people about what she should do with this unruly psychopath on the phone demanding vaccines, I joked to Hubs that since we already had to BYOM to the Medication Therapy Appointment, maybe I could just have them leave the syringes on the front desk and administer the shots myself as well and make a whole DIY Day of it.

When I checked in, I did actually offer to DIY my own vaccines, which is when they curtly told me they’d handle it. Lol. Yo, if I suddenly stop posting and you find out I died randomly, have the cops check out the staff at the specialist’s office. And tell them it was probably just like some kind of manslaughter, because I can be a lot to take. Just sayin.


If A Tree Falls in the Woods…

So…after months of tusslin’ with the insurance company, I’m going in to see the clinical pharmacist tomorrow to learn all about the joys that will surely come with consumption of another chemical every day. By afternoon, I’ll have Mavyret coursing through my Hep C-riddled veins!

When my husband and I looked up the typical side effects of Mavyret, what we found most frequently was “headaches and fatigue”. Hubs asked me, “Will we even know…” I’ve had headaches my whole life, guys…like, my mom had to leave the giant bottle of Tylenol at the front office at school for me so I could pop out of class and go take some at the first twinges of a headache so it didn’t end with me vomiting in the bathroom by 1:30 in the afternoon. That got me thinking…if a tree falls in the woods, does it still have side effects?

If the Mavyret headaches on top of my own headaches are going to take me to some sort of next level, I may need to call Amazon Prime and ask if I can have a dedicated delivery person who has a key to my house and can come in and pull up a chair when I re-up on Yoko Yoko and flavored waters. I wonder if that costs extra.

I digress, but these are all things that enquiring minds want to know, right? I tried to find a blog written by a middle-aged normal purple-haired Gigi such as myself from which I could derive some idea of what to expect on this journey I’m about to kick off. Oddly enough, not a lot of folks out there that got the Hep C when they were 13 from a dirty blood transfusion. Reason #572 that I’m not like most folks, and also why I figured I’d be the blogger to document what to expect for whoever else might be out there googling “Hep+C+Mavyret+treatment+what+to+expect+side+effects+skeered+still+fabulous+???”

Reporting Live…Tessa’s Bum Liver